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Your Road Map to Recovery

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Our Services

Our team at Community Outreach Services is committed to restoring lives. We provide quality counseling and support services to the Baton Rouge community and make getting the treatment you need readily accessible by providing mobile counseling. Yes, that’s right, we come to you.

Depression Counseling

Depression can slowly creep into our lives and affect our relationships, emotions, sleep, appetite, and daily activities. Depression is more than just feeling sad, it can be debilitating and cause the loss of friends, physical pain and even unemployment.

Grief Counseling

The loss of a loved one, pet, job, or even a traumatic experience such as a divorce can trigger feelings of sadness, misery, and heartbreak. You don’t have to let grief get you down.

Behavioral Modification & Anger Management

Counseling and Therapy sessions can greatly reduce or stop unwanted behaviors through positive or negative reinforcement. Mental illnesses such as ADHD, Anxiety, OCD and even learning to control anger respond well to this to this treatment approach.

Trauma & PTSD Counseling

Trauma can occur due to a physical event such as domestic violence or sexual assault; natural disasters such as major floods or displacement from hurricanes; community violence such as shootings and gangs; bullying; and war. Don’t struggle in silence.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many mental illnesses co-occur with other issues such as substance abuse and addiction. Sometimes these occur due to self treatment or symptom reduction or to satisfy habits, rituals, or compulsive behaviors caused by the disease, such as with gambling.

Family & Group Counseling

Having a great support system is essential to recovery and healing. Mental illness can tear families apart and leave patients in isolation. By bringing everyone on your journey everyone can heal together. Group therapy is also helpful to provide support to others with similar illnesses and experiences. You are not alone.

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Today’s youth live in a very complex environment which impacts their emotions, actions, and learning. Youth benefit from counseling as they learn coping skills, better communication, and behavior modification. Issues include, ADHA, Bullying, Worry, Grief, Anger management, and substance abuse and prevention.

Long-Term Mental Illness

Many mental health illness are short-term and will disappear with time, counseling and/or medication, such as post-partum. Some illness will have a lasting impact on the sufferers life and will take long-term counseling, medication management, and support to maintain a functional lifestyle. These include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, some forms of major depression and anxiety disorders, and co-occuring illnesses.

Forensic Counseling

We are certified to work with offenders within the criminal justice system. Counseling and ongoing support can help to mitigate further problems occurring as a result of mental health issues. Assessments are also done to determine if offenders can stand trial or utilize a not guilty by reason of insanity plea.

Sliding Scale

We are dedicated to ensuring that all the people within the community have access to affordable, quality care. Please contact our office in regards to more information regarding our sliding scale application and fees.

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If you need help after 5:00 PM, call the COS Crisis Number: 225-746-3040 or go to the emergency room nearest you.

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If you are experiencing a crisis, please go to the nearest emergency room for service or call 911.

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Our Promise

Providing Client focused, team based treatment to any persons dealing with mental health illnesses. We believe ALL deserve quality care no matter how severe their illness or what external or co-occuring issues may be present.

Your Commitment

Recovery and Treatment requires YOU to do the work! We provide the tools, support, and guidance, but You must embrace the journey to healing. We’ll be your guide!